Few countries can have produced as many World famous people as the British Isles. Mention many of these people throughout the world by surname only and the majority of educated people will be able to tell you something about them. Names such as Darwin, Dickens, Faraday, Raleigh, Wordsworth and of course Shakespeare should evoke a certain amount of pride in any British citizen. Not only have the British written, explored, invented or discovered many things - they are renowned for being inspired to be the 'first' to achieve something. For information on famous British people or in some cases, people born in other countries but with strong British connections - Click on the name below or click the categories on the right. Where an inn listed on the site has some connection with somebody famous, we will award a 'Shakespeare' icon. If you know of any inn related to somebody famous - please let us know and if you think there's somebody important that we've missed, as this list is constantly under construction. inns@fatbadgers.co.uk

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Charles Babbage
Sir Francis Bacon

Roger Bacon
Sir Douglas Bader
Sir Roger Bannister
Trevor Baylis
John Betjeman
Sir Francis Beaufort
William Blake
James Brindley
Capability Brown
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
John Bunyan

Lord Byron
Sir Malcolm Campbell
Lewis Carroll

William Caxton
Sir Charlie Chaplin
Geoffrey Chaucer
Sir Winston Churchill

John Cobb
Sir Christopher Cockerell
John Constable
Captain James Cook

John Couch Adams
Oliver Cromwell
William Dampier
Charles Darwin
Sir Humphry Davy
Sir Geoffrey de Havilland
Charles Dickens

Benjamin Disraeli
Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Francis Drake
Daphne Du Maurier

Sir Edward Elgar
Sir George Everest
Michael Faraday

Ranulph Fiennes
Sir Norman Foster
Sir Alexander Fleming

Sir Martin Frobisher
Thomas Gainsborough
Elizabeth Gaskell

Timothy Hackworth
John Harrison
Thomas Harriot
Stephen Hawking

Sir John Hawkins
Sir Richard Hawkins
Henry VIII
Octavia Hill

Wally Hammond
David Hempleman-Adams

John Howard

William Jessop
Amy Johnson
Samuel Johnson
John Keynes
Rudyard Kipling
William Laud
David Livingstone
John Locke

Ellen MacArthur
Sir Alexander Mackenzie
George Mallory
Sir James Martin
Sir Stanley Matthews
John Milton
Reginald Mitchell
Horatio Nelson
Sir Isaac Newton

Florence Nightingale
Sir Joseph Paxton
Samuel Pepys
Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Stephen Redgrave
John Rennie
Charles Stewart Rolls
Sir (Frederick) Henry Royce
Captain Scott
Gilbert Scott
William Shakespeare
George Bernard Shaw

Jim Shekhdar
George Stephenson
Thomas Telford
Richard Trevithick

Joseph Turner
James Watt
Josiah Wedgwood
Duke of Wellington
H G Wells

Sir Frank Whittle
Joseph Whitworth
Oscar Wilde
William Wordsworth
Sir Christopher Wren