Grumpy Old Badger

The Fat Badgers are a very happy clan of drinking, singing creatures that enjoy life to the full - that is apart from GOB. GOB is a Grumpy Old Badger who sits in the corner of any pub that is prepared to serve him. He can seem aggressive and he does swear a bit but he isn't violent, he just sits in his chair, usually at the bar and points out all the things in the world that he isn't happy with. He doesn't do anything about it - it's not his job - he just makes sure everybody else knows about it. He is similar in many ways to a few old soaks who frequent inns all over the country.

The Fat Badgers would like to point out that his views are his own and in no way reflect the views of the rest of the Fat Badgers - we may sometimes agree with him in principle but we don't argue with him because he curls his lip at us which looks really frightening. If you disagree with anything he says on any of the subjects below, you'll have to send an email to our main address and we'll print them off and read them out to him as his eyes are not too good these days.

The French
The Pubco's
Micheal Schummacher
Political Correctness
Performing Rights
Satellite Sports
Ryan Air
Arsène Wenger
The Yanks