Strange names

There are plenty of original names and many weird names. There are also many names common to a high number of establishments, often named after Kings & Queens or other Royal connections. The list below shows the top most common named inns. All those below number at least 100 establishments throughout the UK although due to closures and renamings - the order does change occasionally. The Crown boast in excess of 700 establishments bearing the same name throughout the Country. There are also plenty of pubs with strange names, usually with a story attached. Listed below are just a small number - some of which are no longer pubs or have had their name changed. If you come across a pub with a strange name - please tell us - and we'll add it to the list.
Common Names
Weird Names
1. Crown 2. Red Lion 3. Royal Oak 4. Swan 5. White Hart 6. Railway 7. Plough 8. White Horse 9. Bell 10. New Inn 11. Ship 12. Kings Head 13. George 14. Kings Arms 15. Rose and Crown 16. Wheatsheaf 17. Queens Head 18. Black Horse 19. Prince of Wales 20. Victoria 21. Greyhound 22. Cross Keys 23. Star 24. White Lion 25. Castle 26. Rising Sun 27. Anchor 28. Chequers 29. Sun 30. Bull 31. Coach and Horses 32. Fox and Hounds 33. Angel 34. Hare and Hounds 35. Three Horseshoes 36. George and Dragon 37. Nags Head 38. Globe 39. Fox 40. Lamb 41. Golden Lion 42. Masons Arms 43. White Swan 44. Beehive 45. Green Man 46. Travellers Rest 47. Foresters Arms 48. Waggon and Horses 49. Black Bull 50. Cricketers
The Hole in the Wall - Dumfries Poosie Nansie's - Mauchline - Ayrshire. Poosie Nansie's was named after a female aquaintance of Robert Burns. The Bucket of Blood - Cornwall. The Inn Next Door Burnt Down - Bedfordshire Mad Dog at Odell The Percy Hobbs at Morn Hill, Hampshire - Renamed (from New Inn) in 1982 in honour of a local man who had been drinking there since 1920 The Sociable Plover - Portsmouth The Periscope - Barrow-in-Furness The Ibex - West Berkshire The Drunken Duck - Ambleside Tafarn Sinc - Pembrokeshire - The Pub Made of Zinc - The highest pub in Pembrokeshire Chemic Tavern - Woodhouse, Leeds Alum House - South Shields Crown Posada - Newcastle Round of Gras - Bretforton. Gras is, asparagus which is the main crop in the area Round of Carrots - Herefordshire The Quiet Woman - York. The sign being a woman carrying her own severed head The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn - Stalybridge - Longest pub Name Q - Stalybridge - Shortest Pub Name - named after an earlier pub that closed in the 1930's Pipe and Gannex - Huyton Who'd a Thowt It - Middleton Sally Up Steps - Bolton - Originally called The Stanley Arms Bob's Smithy - Bolton - named after the blacksmith who spent more time in the pub than he did at work The Lion of Vienna - Bolton - named after Nat Lofthouse of Bolton Wanderers Football Club and England. The Strawbury Duck - Entwistle Oxnoble - Manchester - named after a potato variety Peveril of the Peak - named after a stagecoach which used to make the run from Manchester to London in only two days The Rain Bar - built in an old umbrella factory. Cupid's Hill Inn - Herefordshire The Cat & Custard Pot formally called The Cat & Mustard Pot Paddlesworth - Kent The Rubyiat Of Omar Khayyam - Glasgow Muscular Arms - Glasgow Lass o' Gowrie - named after the poem by Lady Carolina Naime The Jabez Clegg - Situated in the heart of the University of Manchester campus. Hardy's Well - Rusholme, Manchester The Thatcher's Foot - Co Durham Cow & Snuffers - Cardiff Nobody Inn - Dartmoor The Jolly Taxpayer - Plymouth Donkey on Fire - Ramsgate - Kent The Adam and Eve Inn - Paradise - Gloucestershire Who d' a thought it - Crowthorne, Berkshire Young Vanish - Chesterfield - named after a racehorse Spinner & Bergamot - Comberbach - Cheshire Bull & Spectacles - Staffordshire - Used to be called the Bulls Head but many years ago, a drunken man climbed up the front of the pub and placed his glasses on the Bulls Head and left them there. The Duke without a Head - Wateringbury - Kent The Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower - London World Turned Upside Down - London The Little B - Brooklands - Manchester Labouring Boys - Isleworth - Middlesex The Office - Sheffield Bull & Bladder - Brierley Hill - Properly called 'The Vine' Dinneywicks Inn - The Chipping, Kingswood, Gloucestershire - named after a field behind the village. It is said that the owner used to charge a toll as it straddled the highway, but locals would jump the gate on horseback to avoid paying. This is reflected on the current sign.