Great Inns of Britain

The Fat Badgers are proud to be associated with the Great Inns of Britain. Formed in 1996, the owners of some of the UK's finest establishments gathered together to form an alliance of inns of character and quality.

These establishments are typical of the kind of quality eating & drinking venues which we in the Fat Badger sett strive to find in our travels around Great Britain.

Whilst we are happy to recommend an inn purely for such things as location, ancient building or strange & quirky British customs, it is often inns that excel in quality service which we most enjoy discovering. Our Criteria for inclusion on the Fat Badgers Guide is 

"I'd like to go back and I'd recommend it to anyone"

which is all you can expect from any inn - however, we're confident that you're unlikely to find a reason to complain about any aspect at any of the establishments which are part of the Great Inns philosophy and if you do, we're sure that your complaint would be either be unjust or rectified immediately.

Where we feature an inn that has been granted the honour of being associated with the 'Great Inns' name, we show the Great Inns symbol which is linked to the Great Inns Website.