We don't like having to add a disclaimer but there are some very funny people out there who take great delight in finding fault with anything or everything that they encounter during their lifetime. We think these people are sad idiots who should get off their fat backsides and actually do something for themselves for a change. If we've insulted you, then we don't care because it's you who's decided that you are one of these type of people and in that case perhaps you should think about complaining to yourself about yourself... All information in these pages are subject to alteration without notice. Information received by the Fat Badgers from correspondents, general public, publicans, brewers or anyone else who can be bothered to send us any information is taken on trust. However, this site can only work if reports are as truthful as possible. Please be as honest as you can in relation to any info you might want to send us about one of your favourite inns, especially if you own or work in it. The Fat Badgers cannot be held responsible for any actions undertaken based upon the information in these pages, but would welcome any comments on the form provided if you find the details do not reflect your experience at any of the hostelries. Or While every effort is taken to make sure entries are correct, circumstances beyond our control can affect the services you receive and some establishments might not be trading as listed or may even have been burnt to the ground. We do not have a Fat Badger in every city, town and village in Britain. In this case we would welcome your comments to update our database. To avoid disappointment, please call all establishments to check they still provide the services listed. What is clear, publicans or pub owners aren’t afraid of embellishing the truth to enhance their establishment but if a pub website claims that Lord Nelson was a regular drinker in their establishment when he wasn’t, it may not be the current owner or publican that started the rumour! We know of websites that claim a famous work of literature was written in their building but a simple check found that the author was living in a different country when they wrote the book. There are many inns that claim to be the oldest in the country but we know they aren’t and we see hundred’s of inns claiming to be a couple of centuries older than that recorded by Historic England - we prefer to go by the official records. By using these pages, you accept that using them and the information therein is at your own risk. If you want any further detail and can be bothered to wade through some legal stuff then please read this.
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Some statements are exaggerated, some are out of date and some are downright lies! Not by us, we have no need to tell porkies - but there are some misleading comments on pub websites. Even politicians occasionally tell lies.
Inns that have been Removed Inns that have been Removed