Inn Criteria

o what type of Inn, Pub, Hotel or Restaurant do the Fat Badgers look for ?

Everybody's view of the perfect pub is different, some go for the food, some like to have a pint of lager and a game of pool or darts, some go because they've been going to the same pub for years and it's where all their friends go. There is nothing wrong with the pubs that choose to cater for those that have no taste - everyone has got to have somewhere to drink !

Our perfect pub would be a country inn with great views, a thatched roof on a listed building with an interesting history, serving good well priced food, ales straight from the cask and a warm welcome with a smile as you walk through the front door. We'd also like to see a clean and tidy car park, a roaring log fire in the winter, a good wine selection, good looking customers and a large well maintained pub garden with no wasps. We realise however, that it's not easy for a proprietor of an inn to be able to score a perfect 10 in every category - wasps are persistent little buggers.

King Fat Badger enjoying a pasty and a pintWe don't have a set number of categories that an inn must achieve a high score in, as British Inns are wide and varied in character. Real quality inns shouldn't necessarily fit into any category. If you think a pub 'deserves a mention' for whatever reason, tell us the reason and we'll mention it.
King Fat Badger is quite happy in a 'spit & sawdust' pub with a good pint and a pie and equally happy in a top quality hotel with a 'supreme forestiere' and a bottle of claret.

If a pub is full of antiques such as the 'Yew tree in Staffordshire' it deserves a mention, if the pub has a canal boat in the lounge such as the 'Dry Dock in Worcestershire'  it deserves a mention, if the pub is located in a superb setting such as the 'Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire'  it deserves a mention.

Predominantly, we are looking for inns that provide a certain level of service - if the service is good then many of the other categories fall into place. A quality inn doesn't have to be a thatched cottage in a picturesque village in the Lake District - but it does need to make you think
"I'd like to go back and I'd recommend it to anyone"