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Please Help - Where's the Pub again ?he Fat Badgers rely on you to keep this site current. We do visit the inns listed and we do visit inns that are recommended to us by you but with 60,000 inns in the UK, with many rural inns closing due to stricter drink driving laws and a wider variety of leisure activities available to the public in Britain, it is impossible to for us to be aware of all the changes as well as keeping on top of changes in Web addresses when inns move from free web space to their own domain names and all the new Web sites that appear every day.

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o, if you know of any mistakes, closures of inns, new web sites or indeed anything you want us to know please use the online form to let us know.

f you recommend an inn to us or want to review one that we already list - please let us know and we'll put your name up in lights for all to see !

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